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Battery Test – CVPCS 7×125-1000 SV

***Update*** Phone is is being replaced vis warranty….

I have decided to try and test battery life of different kernels. I hope these tests will give some insight to whether or not there is a big difference between low voltages (LV) and standard voltage (SV) kernels. For now I have included results (see links) for one kernel and will be including another this evening.  As always, comments/feedback wanted.

CVPCS SV Excel File Links currently down….
CVPCS SV Battery Graph .csv

The test will be performed as follows:

  1. Fully charge the battery with a wall charger
  2. Delete /data/system/batterystats.bin
  3. Start a battery tracker with 1 minute logging
  4. Set the screen to 100% power and no timeout
  5. Start the movie using rockplayer, volume = 0 (How to Train Your Dragon)
  6. Unplug the phone from the charger 7
  7. Wait for the battery to read a minimum of 70%
  8. Stop the test
  9. Pull the log data for the battery and use the data from 90% down to 80%
The kernel will be overclocked with setcpu  with the minimum and maximum clock speeds selected. ( IE- 125-1000) The govenor will be set on demand.

How to Train Your Dragon

Video Specifications
Format               MPEG-4 Visual
Codec XVID
Duration            2 Hrs
Width                 480
Height                256
Frame Rate 24fps
Size                     394MB
Audio Specifications
Format              Mpeg2/4 Audio
Bitrate               128kb/s
Frequency        48.000Hz
Channels         Stereo

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Kernel testing procedures…

It has been a few days since I’ve made my last post, and that’s for good reason. I now have a new approach to testing the OC kernels! A very kind developer from, Kill_One, has helped me out by providing a stripped down version of the Sapphire ROM. This ROM contains only what is needed to boot up android and it even blocks all wireless connections right out of the box! Using this ROM will allow me to remove as many variables as possible when benchmarking. The goal is to have less than a .5% variation between 10 runs of a benchmarking app. That said, there may be variables in which I cannot control (think hardware). Also, due to Quadrant’s requirement for an internet connection and my lack there of (due to forced airplane mode), there will be no Quadrant benchmarks performed using the “Clean Room” Sapphire ROM.

Here is the testing procedure:

  1. Install the “Clean Room” ROM via nandroid.
  2. Restore APK’s from SD card.
    1. Benchmark PI
    2. CPU Benchmark
    3. Linpack
    4. System Panel Lite
    5. Autostarts
    6. Drocap2
    7. Battery stats
    8. aLogcat
    9. Shutdown phone, remove MicroSD card, reboot.
    10. Kill all running apps with system panel.
    11. Verify phone is near “braindead” with aLogcat and system panel.
    12. Kill system panel & aLogcat via system/applications/manage applications/running applications. Kill the above two apps and finally the system app itself.
    13. Run the first benchmark, then repeat steps 4-6 before running the next benchmark.

The results should be pretty consistent through 10 consecutive runs of the benchmark. Although I have noticed that Linpack gives the most consistant results. Let me know if you see something you would like added!!!

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Kernels Benchmarked…

I finished the revised kernel testing today and have posted the results below. I benchmarked the most common kernels kernels, but I I missed one I will gladly add it to the benchmarks. I have added links to the kernels I used in the benchmarks and will add the Custom Sapphire ROM I used after I ask the developer. I did try the bekit 0.8.4 kernel but it gave the stripped down ROM problems.

Without further ado…. The results.

Note: Charts were calculated by averaging the results for each kernel.

CVPCS – Froyo Standard Voltage 125-1000 7 slot
ChevyNo1 – Froyo Medium Voltage 125-1000 7 slot
P3 Kernel – Froyo Standard Voltage 125-1000 7 slot
Slayher – Froyo Low Voltage 125-1000 7 slot

Big thanks to Kill One and sniffle for the advice and help!

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