The game plan…

I have seen so many forum posts asking what DROID ROM is the best. So I decided I would benchmark different DROID ROM’s using several benchmarking apps available for free on the market. I also used several different overclocking kernels so I could get a comparisons how each kernel performs with different ROM’s.

Here is my basic setup for each ROM:

  1. Wipe data & cache
  2. Install ROM
  3. Reboot and bypass sign in for Google account
  4. Turn off Google account sync
  5. Open Market and sign-in
  6. Download Setcpu, Rom Manager (Premium), Drocap2, CPU Benchmark, Linpack, & Quadrant
  7. Setup Setcpu and run each benchmark 3 times
  8. Once done benchmarking, reboot into recovery and install new kernel. I did not wipe data or cache between kernel installs.

With the exception of packaged kernels, I selected kernels that had 1ghz slot and low voltage, if available. I also did not apply/use any of the tweaks each ROM may have. I simply tested each ROM as it was installed.

If I missed the mark with my testing setup please let me know! I am not a guru of all things android! I’m simply trying to apply some common sense and structure to these benchmarks and let cards lie where they fall.

The first ROM up for benchmarks…Shadow ROM 0.0.1 Beta



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