Shadow ROM 0.0.1 Beta…

I’m looking forward to playing with this ROM more, but for now I’m benchmarking ROM’s like hell. I’ll cut straight to the chase, although it is a beta release, I never experienced any problems during my limited time running the ROM. That said, I didn’t push things either. In a future update I’ll address the many features of this ROM and its stability. So for now, enjoy the benchmarks!

Stock (800 mhz) (On Demand)

Slayher (1 ghz) (Interactive)

P3Droid (1 ghz) (On Demand)

jdlfg (1 ghz) (On Demand)

ChevyNo1 (LV 1 ghz) (On Demand)

Here are the stats (Note: Highest score used for comparisons)

I found a nice explanation of what the VM Heap setting does for performance. I won’t rehash the benchmarks on this one,  just give you a link.

Ryan Olson’s Blog- How changing the max amount of memory per VM Heap can effect your ROM (Cyanogen)

To be continued…

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